Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love Note .

Assalamualaikum , Salam Sejahtera dan Salam Satu Blogger .

hai semua . apa khabar ? sihat ?
hehe , tiba - tiba rasa rajin lak nak update blog hari ni .
nak tahu pasal apa ? well , baca la title entry tuh ..
it's about a love note from someone .. (^_^)
well , let me type it for all of you to read it ..

 " When I see your face , You'll see mine . When I smile at you , you'll smile at me . When you are sad , I'm sad too . When you are happy , I felt it too . But , sometimes you make me crazy because when I look at your face , you didn't look at me back . Your GORGEOUS EYES and your LOVELY SMILE . I just like and LOVE it too much . But , I didn't get a chance . I'm not sure whether you are in a rush or just not in the mood or anything else . But , what else can I say or do . Okay , now your final exam is getting near . You are also getting busy , rushing here and there and always in a hurry . I can see that , I hope you won't forget your health eventhough you are busy studying . Okay , I wrote your name in art style and I want you to have it . Perharps , it's nothing to you , but it means everything to me . Only God knows how i feel . I doesn't matter if you want to have it or not . It's your choice . I give you this thing because this is my last year here . Ask you bestie and my lovely little sister , they knows everything about this . I wish you the best of luck for your trial and your final exam . "

oooo , how sweet kan ?
bagi saya sweet ..
kalau korg rasa note ni sweet ,
komen la yerk .
hehe , sampai disini dulu update buat kali ni .
till the next time .
Assalamualaikum , Salam Sejahtera dan Selamat Malam Semua .. =) <3


  1. weheehehehehehehe XDDD sweetnyeee.... ni mesti ada orang bagi awak bukan ?

  2. hehe . nak saya mention kan dekat sini tak ? :D #aurajahat HAHA . jokee... XD hehe

  3. heheh , xpe ..
    bukan de org laen own bce blog saya ny ..
    huhu ..